Stuck CD DVD in disk drive of MAC computer

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Stuck CD DVD in disk drive of MAC computer

How to get a stuck CD or DVD out of your Macintosh computer

Do you have a CD/DVD in your Mac’s disc drive and now you can’t get it out! You might be happy to know that this is actually a common problem, so don’t fret, your not the only one.

The first week I used a MacBook Pro I tried to install Windows XP to MAC OS X 10.5 Leopard’s version of Boot Camp with disastrous consequences. When the computer wanted to reboot, I’d left the bootable Windows disk in the drive. As it restarted, I realised things were not good when all I saw was a blue screen due to my MAC trying to start the CD in the disk drive. To make things worse, pressing the eject button on my keyboard didn’t work to get the disk out either.

After doing a quick search on Google, I came across some rather inventive ways of ejecting the disk, to say the least. These included bad advice like poking a paper clip or piece of paper in the drive in the hope that MAC gets confused and spits it out. Mind you, shamefully I did try the piece of paper, but hey, it was desperate times! Other solutions included dropping it onto your bed from a good height a few times, or trying to grab the CD with tweezers. Needless to say, none of these methods actually work.

So how do you get a stuck CD DVD out of a MAC computer?

Holding down the mouse button while I restarted the computer did the trick for me. If this doesn’t work for you, try pressing and holding down the trackpad / touchpad button. It will work the same way as the mouse button, but better depending on your brand of mouse.

Here are a few other solutions people have found that may be useful:

1. Some still swear by the paper trick. For instance, try inserting a business card or cardboard in your drive to stop the CD from spinning and hopefully pop it out. They say to the upper left side with some pressure does the trick. As I said, this didn’t work for me, but does for some.

2. If you have a non Intel Macintosh computer try this:

Restart the computer while holding down Command-Option-O-F. This will enter the ‚Open Firmware‘ prompt. Type „eject cd“ without the quotes, and press return. The disk should then eject. To start the operating system, type „mac-boot“ without the quotes. Press return, and the computer will continue with the startup.

3. If your MAC is running ok and you just can’t get the CD / DVD out of the drive, try using the eject disc button in iTunes. Alternatively, also try opening Disk Utility and choose the disc you wish to eject in the left-hand pane, then click on the Eject button.

If anyone’s found other methods of ejecting a CD / DVD disk from their MAC, feel free to share them along with your comments.


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