OGD with R (for beginners) – reading text-data

here is a small sample of accessing OGD with R and making simple aggegations

first load the CSV-data for data.wien.ac.at with the R object read.data. it’s important to check the value for encoding and skip. 
ogd_pop <- read.table("http://www.wien.gv.at/statistik/ogd/vie-regdistrict-pop-foreignborn.csv&quot;, header = TRUE, sep=";", skip=2, encoding="latin1")
now the data is loaded into R.
a simple overview of the population of each disctrict
aggregate(ogd_pop$POP_TOTAL, by=list(ogd_pop$DISTRICT_CODE), sum)

here are other simple commands
subset(ogd_pop,ogd_pop$SEX==“Frauen“) #data for Frauen
sum(subset(ogd_pop$POP_TOTAL,ogd_pop$SEX==“Männer“)) #sum just männer
sum(ogd_pop$POP_TOTAL) #total sum

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