garmin basecamp create tour/route/track

  1. create your track with you favourite tracking-software (basecamp, movescount, gpsies, google-maps, etc.) but be sure to be able to export in gpx/kml.
  2. import the route/track in basecamp
  3. count the number of points in your track – old garmin-devices do not support:
    1. routes (for navigation) with more than 250 points
    2. tracks (just overlay) with more than 500 points
      (results in auto-truncation)
  4. reduce point-numbers manually or with the following tool:
    be sure, that important crossings still have enough details for navigation. 
  5. if your file (eg. rome_florence) still has too many point, duplicate your file and rename all files (rome_florence1, rome_florence2 …)
  6. now delete the points in each duplicated route so that every route has not more than 250 or 500 points for routes or track-usage.
  7. transfer the files to your device and check them on the map

  1. avoid same names for tracks and routes

! ! happy navigation ! !


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