python read file

just a little program to check a changed file

  • create a file bit.txt with just 0 in it
  • start the py-script
  • open the file bit.txt and change the content from 0 to 1
  • new the py-script should print the changed value to comand-line.

import time

#variable for the previous content
prev_input = 0

#run a loop
while True:
        #open the file in read-only-mode
        f = open(‚bit.txt‘)
        #write the file content to d
        d =
        #compare file content to previous state
        if (prev_input != d):
                #now something
                print „value changed“
                print d
                #save content to prev_input
                prev_input = d

        #save cpu-time and go to sleep for 1 sec



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