QUANTUM GIS (mac/win) with OGD wien data

6 classes of district sizes in vienna OGD-wien

1. install qgis

easy on windows. on the mac install 3 additional packages

  • GDAL Complete (/Library/Frameworks/GDAL.framework/Versions…)
  • NumPy
  • matplotlib

2. get the data

go to data.wien.gv.at and get the link to the JSON-data
in QGIS click the button at the left „add WMS/WMTS Layer“
create a new layer (button „new“)
give it a nice name (ogd wien data) and past the url to url… ok
then choose the BEZIRKSGRENZEOGD-layer
to save it locally – right-click on the layer and save as…

2.1 filter data

right-click on the layer and go to filter… here you can filter with SQL-syntax. eg. LENGTH(„field_6“)>0. then all data matching that expression is shown on the map.

2.2 data links

import a csv-file (see additional comment on the bottum) with a key-column that matches to an existing data-layer. then go to the layer-properties and add a join on the joins-tab. now all columns of the csv-file can be used in this layer.

3. labels and colors

in the layer-options go to style

switch the option „singel symobl (?)“ to various options (play around a little bit) and choose FLAECHE as column value. (i created a new gray color schema for my map here – inverted)

the thickness of the lines can be changed in the „symbol“-button, then „simple content (?)“ – play a bit with thickness and border style…

the labels are edited via the „edit expression (?)“ button in the description tab. i choose the following value for the lable „“BEZ_RZ“ || ‚. Bezirk'“.
then i added a shadow and a background color to the label. thats it (and font as Lucida Blackletter)!

3.1 add a legend

this is not that fluent – go to this nice tutorial


Shape files for cities http://metro.teczno.com/
  imposm – shp-files
  osm.bz2 – just one large osm-file (db-convertion needed)
  osm-files http://download.geofabrik.de/
data overview http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_GIS_data_sources


CSV-data http://www.qgistutorials.com/en/docs/importing_spreadsheets_csv.html
(important – the csv-descriptor-file, eg. test.csvt for test.csv data-file, has comma as seperator eg. string,integer,string)


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