qgis2leaf plugin for qgis

this plugin creates a nice webpage out of your layer in QGIS within some seconds!

after installing the plugin qgis2leaf (and with a prepared maps with some vector-layers) click the new button „Exports a QGIS Projetc…“

  • Press „Get Layer“. All layers are loaded to the list-box
  • Select all layers you want to display in your webpage
  • Click all checkboxes you need for your webpage
    • Create cluster clusters all points with the number of points per cluster
  • Select one or more basemaps. If you want to change your basemap to a custom map (eg basemap.at) use this code for basemap_0
var basemap_0 = L.tileLayer('https://{s}.wien.gv.at/basemap/bmapgrau/normal/google3857/{z}/{y}/{x}.png', {
 attribution: additional_attrib + 'Map tiles: <a href="http://www.basemap.at" target="_blank">www.basemap.at</a>, <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/at/deed.de" target="_blank">CC-BY 3.0</a>',
 subdomains: ["maps","maps1", "maps2", "maps3"],});

// at the bottom of the html replace the naming of the basemap_0
 'basemap.at': basemap_0,
  • After pressing OK your browser starts with your map. Every OK-Click created a new folder with date and time inside your project folder.

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