problems solved with bittorrent sync

bittorrent sync did not sync folders and the peers online were zero.

i tried to delete and reconnect folders and .sync files and folder but the only way was to reinstall all btsync-applications (os x, ios, raspberrypi).

on os x you have to end automatic start at system start and then kill the processes „Sync Finder Extension“ & „CMFSyncAgent“. search them with ps -e | grep sync and then kill them with the activity monitor.


Save and read data from QGIS to postgres postGIS

prepare your postgres-database see „manual installation of postGIS“

in qgis save your shaps to postgres-database with the Database – DB-Manager. Add your postgres-db to the DB-Manager and load or save data. now you can save your layers to the database like saving to a file.

to SELECT data from the table on postgresDB use

SELECT ST_AsText(geom) FROM ;

. . .