Use RaspberryPi to convert OSM data to GARMIN format img

thanks to java-support in raspberry pi Linux 3.10.25+ armv6l it is quite easy to convert osm-files to img files.

1. download mkgmap jar-file and unzip it bzip2 -d malta-latest.osm.bz2
2. download osm data (eg from here or other sources listed here) and save it to osm-folder
3. go to your img-folder convert the file using
  java -jar ../mkgmap/mkgmap.jar ../osm/malta-latest.osm 

i had the following result:
  Time started: Fri Jun 19 11:22:54 CET 2014
  Number of MapFailedExceptions: 0
  Number of ExitExceptions: 0
  Time finished: Fri Jun 19 11:26:58 CET 2014
  Total time taken: 244294ms

4. now the img file can be used with basecamp…


openstreetmaps for garmin basecamp

download tiles or regions
eg here


just drop the zip-file to the javawa-app and install the map!

routing basecamp – name
ok – openmtbmap
ok – ofm eu2014

garmin basecamp create tour/route/track

  1. create your track with you favourite tracking-software (basecamp, movescount, gpsies, google-maps, etc.) but be sure to be able to export in gpx/kml.
  2. import the route/track in basecamp
  3. count the number of points in your track – old garmin-devices do not support:
    1. routes (for navigation) with more than 250 points
    2. tracks (just overlay) with more than 500 points
      (results in auto-truncation)
  4. reduce point-numbers manually or with the following tool:
    be sure, that important crossings still have enough details for navigation. 
  5. if your file (eg. rome_florence) still has too many point, duplicate your file and rename all files (rome_florence1, rome_florence2 …)
  6. now delete the points in each duplicated route so that every route has not more than 250 or 500 points for routes or track-usage.
  7. transfer the files to your device and check them on the map

  1. avoid same names for tracks and routes

! ! happy navigation ! !

garmin maps installation on sd-card

in the root-folder of the sd-card, you find all GPX-files (tracks per day), saved by the garmin-device.

in the folder Garmin you find the file gmapsupp.img with the map information installed by map-source or other map-creation-tools.

very cool site to create img-files is

i tried it with my GPSMAP 60CSX and it word (very) fine!!

** ** WARNING ON MAC ** **
after editing the img file(s) on the sd-card be sure there are no .Trash-Folder(s) etc. on the card. these folders result in carshing of the 60CSX!!!

ls -a
rm -R .S*
rm -R .T*
rm -R .f*

to combine old maps (eg NT Europe, TOPO…) do the following.

Start the GMapTool (Only windows 😦
Select/add the file with the OSM data (eg gmapsuppOSM.img) and the file with your MapSource-data (eg gmapsuppTOPONT.img)
On the combine-tab choose your outputfile (eg gmapsupp.img) and press combine all.

then copy the outputfile to your garmins sd-card (/garmin/) and be happy!