scan local network to get ip-addresses (mac)

get the broadcast ip of your network
ifconfig | grep broadcast

perform a ping an this address

use arp to get all ip-addresses and the mac-addresses
arp -a


multiple contacts google and icloud

!! problem not solved yet !!

Apparently, Apple doesn’t want you syncing (contacts) with both iCloud and Google Sync:

to remove multiple contacts after syncing with iCloud:
backup contacts on iCal
backup contacts on google

delete all contacts in iCal (if here are the multiple contacts)
delete all contacts in google (if here are the multiple contacts)

remove iCloud sync in mac-prefs

reactivate google-sync in iCal pres

!! problem not solved yet !!


use tcpdump to control network traffic on a specific network interface

on mac login as admin and use sudo for all tcpdump-commands!

list of your network interfaces
tcpdump -D

watch all traffic of one interface
tcpdump -i en3
watch all traffic of one interface and a specific destination
tcpdump -i en1 dst

install windows on a mac

1. read the pdf provided by boot camp carefully!!

2. use minimum windows xp with minimum sp2 installation disk. if you don’t have such an install disk build one your own with nLite. you can install nLite in an virtual-machine in osx and slipstream your win-xp with sp3 install disk there

2.1 if you have an installation disk with special install-commands (unattended installation) like auto-serial no etc. you have to delete the file /i386/winnt.sif from your source and create the installation image without that file. this prevents windows to install on your fat-formatted disk (formatted by boot camp) and you can reformat the disk with fat or ntfs.

3 before formatting be sure to format the right partition (bootcamp/fat) with your specified disk size.

4 if somthing fails you can eject the install disk by pressing the right mouse button while booting. then osx starts normally.